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Leak Detection Datasheets

Control and alarms panels

Floodline 128 Leak Detection Control Panel Datasheet

The Floodline 128 Multi-Zone System operates a network of leak detection cables and sensors up to a total of 128 zones. A zone can be a single point or many metres of detection cable and the whole network is continuously monitored for leaks and continuity. Zones are electrically isolated from each other and individually displayed so the system can accept and report any number of simultaneous or consecutive zone alarms. An alarm in one zone has no effect on the normal monitoring of its neighbours or the rest of the system.


FLOODLINE™ Multi-Zone Control Panel Datasheet

The FLOODLINE™ Multi-Zone Control Panel operates the network of leak detection zones. A zone can be a single point or many metres long and the whole network is continuously monitored for leaks and continuity. Zones are electrically isolated from each other and individually displayed so the system can accept and report any number of simultaneous or consecutive zone alarms - true multiple leak reporting - an alarm in one zone has no affect on the normal monitoring of its neighbours or the rest of the system.


FLOODLINE™ Ranger Datasheet

FLOODLINE™ Ranger is Andel's Long Line system that can be stand-alone or used with other FLOODLINE™ Control Panels for continuous Leak Detection. FLOODLINE™ Ranger snaps onto standard 35mm DIN rail. The unit is supplied in its own housing and can be easily mounted in existing electric or instrumental cabinets with spare rail space.

FLOODLINE™ Ranger can monitor up to 1500M (5000ft) of sensor cable, typical applications include plant rooms, warehouses, libraries and museums.


FLOODLINE™ Leak 1 Mk II Leak Detection System Datasheet

The FLOODLINE™ Leak 1 MkII is a self-contained single zone leak detection module specially designed for incorporation into other control/alarm systems, air conditioning units and BMS etc. The module can be used with all FLOODLINE™ sensors.

The compact module is din-rail mounted and screw terminals provide connections for the leak sensors, power input and volt-free contact output.


FLOODLINE™ One-Zone Leak Detection Control Panel Datasheet

The Floodline One-Zone water leak detection control panel offers a low cost, stand-alone system where a small amount of detection is required. One or more Floodline sensors can be connected.

Output relays are provided for connection to remote alarm, BMS etc. LEDs provide clear and easy to understand status and alarm information.


FLOODLINE™ SD2 Auto Dialler Datasheet

The FLOODLINE™ SD2 is an advanced warning system that can be connected to all of Andel’ FLOODLINE™ range of control panels and it puts configuration, control and response at the fingertips of authorised users. Any combination of up to ten landline or mobile numbers can be stored to be contacted by voice or SMS text message should an event trigger the warning system.


FLOODLINE™ Remote Alarm Panel Datasheet

The FLOODLINE™ Remote Alarm unit provides a visual and audible warning of a leak or even a system fault. The Remote Alarm is available as an industrial design in a surface-mounted ABS box or as flush-mounted brushed chrome version for areas which require the device to integrate into the decor. It can be mounted anywhere within the building and is connected back to the main FLOODLINE™ Control Panel.


Water leak sensors

FLOODLINE™ Multi-8 – 8-Zone Leak Detection Cable Datasheet

The original, multi-8 "multi-zone" leak detection cable has a unique construction which allows up to 8 separately reporting leak protection/detection zones to be serviced from a single length of cable.

This has now been superseded by a newer version which meets and exceeds several more safety tests.


FLOODLINE™ Multi-8 – 8-Zone Leak Detection Cable R2 Datasheet

Our revised and improved version of the 8 zone leak detection cable now includes several additional qualities including fire, electrical and smoke tests complying with current recognised standards. This is in addition to the original concept of providing 8 leak detection zones per length of cable.


FLOODLINE™ Multi-4 – 4-Zone Leak Detection Cable Datasheet

Multi-4 - 4 Zone Detection Cable has been used for over ten years in areas where maximum leak detection sensitivity is essential.

Although superceded by Andel's more modern Multi-8 all-polymer detection cables for general usage, the highly absorbent Multi-4 cable is the best option where sensitvity to the smallest amount of water or condensation is required.


FLOODLINE™ Single-Zone Leak Detection Tape Datasheet

A highly robust, webbing-type of construction with conductors weaved through its length, the FLOODLINE™ Single-Zone Leak Detection Tape is simple to install and can be wetted and dried a number of times.


FLOODLINE™ Flexi-Pad Datasheet

Available as standard in a flexible plastic sheet format with carbon detection tracks, the flexi-pad has found a niche market with several data centres. We have also manufactured bespoke versions to meet the exacting needs of our clients.


FLOODLINE™ Point Sensor Datasheet

A tough, compact sensor housed in a steel guard plate ideal for areas where conductive liquids are liable to pool. Available in horizontal format for mounting on flat surfaces or vertically against a wall this is an ideal sensor for industrial applications.


FLOODLINE™ Pipe In Pipe Sensor Datasheet

The FLOODLINE™ Pipe-in-Pipe Sensor is based around a Point Sensor and adapted for fitting into a female threaded socket provided at strategic points in the outer pipe. Short stainless steel probes extend into the cavity, or annulus, created between the inner and outer pipes. When liquid escapes into the cavity and contacts a sensor the alarm is activated. Two types of device are available for water and oil (oil/any liquid).


FLOODLINE™ GroundHog™ Mk II Leak Detection System Datasheet

FLOODLINE™ Groundhog™ Mk II is a self-contained, single-zone leak detection system which can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It can be connected to any control/building management system that has the facility to accept volt-free contacts.

Additional FLOODLINE™ Point Sensors or Leak Detection Tape can be slaved off the Groundhog.


FLOODLINE™ Tundish Sensor Datasheet

The FLOODLINE™ Tundish/Overflow sensor is designed to be attached to the overflow of a toilet cistern or other tank to provide an immediate automatic warning in the event of an overflow. The sensor can be used singly, or in multiples, connected to any of the Floodline alarm panels.


FLOODLINE™ Breeameter® Water Leak Detection and High Usage Aalarm Datasheet

BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s leading sustainability and environmental assessment standard for the built environment lifecycle – from new construction to in-use and refurbishment. Versions are updated regularly in line with UK Building Regulations and different building versions have been created since its launch to assess various building types.

The FLOODLINE™ Breeameter® system offers flow monitoring and water leak detection in line with the defined standards “W02” and “W03” and can aid in the accumulation of credits subject to a successful audit by an authorised assessor.


Gas leak sensors

FLOODLINE™ Refrigerant Gas Sensor RGD1601 Datasheet

The FLOODLINE™ RGD1601 gas detector can be used as either a stand-alone gas sensor or connected to FLOODLINE™ alarm panel and can be powered by 110-230Vac or 12-24Vdc. The Floodline RGD1601 is intended for VRV air conditioning systems and refrigeration compressor packs. The unit can be calibrated to detect one of either R134a, R410A, R407c or R404a gases.


Floodline Digital Gas Detector DD Datasheet

Digital DD Detectors are intended for continuous monitoring for the presence of specified gases in enclosed spaces. Designed for buildings with spaces and rooms endangered by emission of specified toxic, explosive or refrigerant gases.


Floodline Digital Gas Detector DD Control Unit Datasheet

Micro-processor controlled module MDD-256/T – built to oversee the Digital Gas Detection System (DD). It is designed to work with a range of detectors and control modules using RS485. MDD-256T periodically checks detectors in the network.


FLOODLINE™ MDD-R4/T DD Gas Control Monitoring Unit Datasheet

Additional, addressable control modules for extracting local control of actuators or signalling devices, mounting on TS35 rail. The MDD-R4 / T digital control modules are designed to expand the Digital Gas Detection System (CSDG). They enable the separation of local control of executive devices / signalling devices for a selected group of up to 32 detectors working in CSDG. They have four contact outputs and two alarm outputs 12V.


FLOODLINE™ MDD-L32/T Visual Indicator for DD Gas Detector System Datasheet

The MDD-L32 / T digital visualization and control modules are designed to provide monitoring of up to 32 detectors operating in the Digital Gas Detection System and for controlling other executive devices /signaling devices through contact outputs (4 pcs) and 12V alarm outputs (2 pcs).


Oil leak sensors

FLOODLINE™ Oil Sensor Datasheet

A variation on the point sensor, the oil sensor mounts horizontally or vertically for early detection of oil.



Floodline Plug and Play Auto-Connect

Andel’s tried and tested Floodline multi-zone leak detection systems are well known for being the most reliable, effective and easy to use. The Plug and Play Auto-Connect System allows instant, foolproof connection for quick, no-hassle installation by any trained engineer or contractor.


FLOODLINE™ Junction Boxes & Leader Cables Datasheet

FLOODFLINE™ Junction Boxes are an integral part of a Detection Cable/Tape system. Three variations of the Junction Boxes are available: 1. One-Zone Junction Box for use with Single-Zone Tape 2. 4- Zone Junction Box for use with the 4-Zone detection cable (screw terminal connections) 3. 8-Zone Junction Box for use with the 8-Zone detection cable (IDC 'KRONE' type terminal connections)


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