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Oil Storage Maintenance and Compliance Datasheets

Andel BundGuard Issue 4 Bund Water Control Pump System Datasheet

The Andel BundGuard system was developed in 1992 specifically at the request of the UK electricity industry who faced serious water removal problems at substation sites all over the country. Since then many thousands of BundGuard units have been installed nationwide protecting the environment and the operator of the site.


Andel BundGuard Issue 5 Bund Water Control Pump System Datasheet

Continual product development and listening to customer feedback sees the greatest future improvement to the BundGuard. The information provided here is to demonstrate the improved operation compared to the Issue 4 unit including an array of onward communications options. Not all features are standard – the modular design means customers pay for what they need.


Andel FilterSepta Datasheet

With the introduction of more stringent regulations, operators with no underground interceptor or separator may be concerned that to be absolutely safe their existing oil/water separating pump systems may need additional support or back up.


Andel ReBund™ Bund Containment System Datasheet

Andel ReBund™ is a tried and tested, easy to install, low-cost bunding or containment system. Developed along with the Green Business Network, ReBund™ not only makes a major contribution to second-life, recycled products but is also a first-class, strong, durable and economic long-term solution.


Andel SumpGuard Product Sheet

Andel SumpGuard is a unique, simple and cost-effective solution providing additional protection to the Andel BundGuard system when installed in oil storage environments that are susceptible to freezing temperatures.


Andel FUELSTAT® Brochure

A quick and easy interim testing kit with rapid and reliable results.

With Andel FUELSTAT®, one person can conduct tests at the tank with minimal training. It works like a pregnancy test: just place droplets of the sample onto the test well and wait for the readout.


Andel Fuel Services – Sampling & Polishing Datasheet

If you are storing fuel to power back-up generators, you may have a problem if you store fuel for more than 6 months, have not had your storage systems inspected in a long time, operate in places with extremes of weather or cannot determine the quality of your delivered fuel. Fuel and oil sampling can give an early warning of any potential problems and remedial polishing, if possible, is more cost-effective than having to dispose of contaminated supplies.


Andel Oil Storage Compliance Inspections Datasheet

The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (England) Regulations 2001 set out the requirements to be met for the safe storage of oil in containers above ground. As of September 1st, 2005, all oil storage containers above 200 litres are required to comply with these regulations. Andel has been carrying out Oil Storage Compliance Inspections throughout the UK for over 25 years with customers including the Environment Agency, Royal Mail, Arriva Buses, County/Borough Councils, MoD sites, and over 80 NHS Hospitals and Trusts. Andel customers have annual contracts in place to ensure that they achieve and maintain compliance with all current regulations.


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