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Andel beats leaks

Andel's Floodline is a unique, award winning water, oil and gas leak detection and monitoring solution for uninsurable risk locations within the built environment. Commercial customers include many of the UK’s leading blue chip organisations, in fact any building of note on the iconic central London skyline operates Andel’s Floodline equipment or receives Andel's services.

Leaks within buildings are very common and if left unchecked can cause extensive damage, disruption and loss.

Andel has emerged as one of the global market leaders in leak detection systems. Andel's Floodline solution is a true hybrid and can report to a single integrated control panel – unlike some other systems on the market that require different alarm panels for different types of leak detection. Floodlne covers all possible leak detection requirements, from single-zone to multi-zone and distance measring systems, with the capability to protect the largest of buildings, both old and new.

Andel offers a complete turnkey solution for your leak detection requirements – from consultancy and initial site survey to equipment selection, system design, supply, installation and commissioning as well as ongoing after-sales support for any size of project, anywhere in the UK.

Andel also provides a cost-effective solution for the residential market with FlowStop, a water leak and automatic mains shut-off system. Specially designed for residential properties, FlowStop is quick and easy to install and has been developed in response to the growing requirements of residential insurers for the installation of an effective and WRAS Approved leak detection and mains isolation system. FlowStop is also ideal for any smaller, self-contained spaces in multi-occupancy developments such as commercial and retail units within shopping centres, airports, office developments etc.

Example of a Floodline zonal installation in a typical data room

The illustration below shows a range of leak detection sensors that can be deployed to protect one of the most sensitive and critical commercial environments. You can use your mouse to hover over any number to see a description of the featured equipment (or touch on a touchscreen device).

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ANDEL beats leaks...

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